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Founding of Our Nation

"This beautifully filmed presentation, narrated by Glen Ford, follows our country's progress from the early European colonists into the Revolutionary War and concludes with our country's constitution."

U.S National Symbols 

United States National Symbols

United States National Symbols

The Mayflower II

"This is a short news reel showing the construction and launching of the Mayflower II. Built in 1955, it is still in use today."


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U.S History Events 


The Federal Pillars 

  • Each pillar represents 9 out of 13 states who ratified the constitution. They first ones were the states which approved the constitution first.  
  • The last pillar has a note that says "The foundation good - it may yet be SAVED". This represented the political magnitue to the others. It was also becausme Rhode Island was the last state to ratify.
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Declaration of Independence 

Understanding the Declaration of Independence - 9 Key Concepts Everyone Should Know

Understanding the Declaration of Independence - 9 Key Concepts Everyone Should Know

The four parts of the Declaration of Indipendence are:

  • Preamble
  • Declaration of Natural Rights
  • List of Grievances
  • Resolution of Independence by the United States

The 13 Colinies Chart


People / Religion


New England

·         Massachusetts

·         Connecticut

·         Rhode Island

·         New Hampshire

·         Fishing

·         Shipbuilding

·         Trade and smuggling

·          1st settlement was in Boston

·          Puritans

·         John Winthrop

·         Schools

·         Roger Williams

·         Slavery wasn’t economical

·         Slaves could purchase their freedom

·         Long winters

·         Rocky soil

·         Cold weather

Middle Colonies

·      New Jersey

·      New York

·      Pennsylvania

·      Delaware

·          Exported grain, furs, and whale oil

·          Imported manufactured goods

·          Excellent ports and river systems

·          Shipbuilding

·         People came from Germany, Scotland & Ireland

·         Quakers

·         Known for its diversity

·         Climate of tolerance

·         African slaves could be free others didn’t

·         Racial tensions

·         Africans were forced into submission

·      Good farming land

·      Rich soil

·      Mild winters

·      Growing seasons that lasted between 6-8 months

South Colonies

·      North & South Carolina

·      Georgia

·      Virginia

·      Maryland

·          Ideal for plantation

·          Tobacco

·          Indigo

·          Rice

·          slavery

·          Maryland had Catholics

·          Slavery was necessary

·          Slaves worked on plantations

·          Slaves weren’t allowed to do many things

·          Planter class

·          Pioneers

·     Rich land

·     Plenty of rain

·     Long growing season

·     Best climate

·     Mild winters

·     Warm weather

The 13 Colonies 

The Mayflower

The Mayflower was the ship which transported 102 pilgrims to America. The crew of the ship was formed by pilgrims, separatives and families who were looking for a better life.  

When they arrived to the New Land the pilgrims were having a lot of problems with their survival. They weren’t prepared for so many things, many of them died in their first winter there. Then they met an Indian called Squanto who befriended them and taught them how to plant. They started to get better, and also they started to get along with the Indians. The day their first crop was ready they made a banquette which is now known as Thanksgiving.

Now a little video....

Exploring and Understanding American History Mayflower

Exploring and Understanding American History Mayflower

Hardships in Jamestown Settlement 

When settling English people had many problems, the worst part is that they didn’t expect it would be that difficult.

Some of the problems they had were:

·         Problem with potable water

·         Unpredictable weather

Jamestown fort

·          Starvation

·         They were in the dirtiest part of the river

·         Diseases 

The Mystery of Roanoke

Roanoke was known as the second attempt of English people to settle in the New Land. After they arrived, the leader needed to go back to England for more goods. When he came back three years later, everyone had disappeared. All he could find was a strange mark in a tree which said “Croatan”. Now a day the mystery is still unknown, nobody knows what happened to the people who were left there.  


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